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If you have a computer and want some free fun, try looking up the UK model site listed below and be prepared for a huge number of models waiting for you to read about and view — most of them pictured, albeit a little small.

The site is simple and user-friendly. There are enough models on show here to sink a ship — this is a big, big site — the claim is that about 19,000 models are on show here. If you want to look up the listing of individual manufacturers who supply them with models, this alone is huge. With number like these, I feel a web site just has to be user-friendly in order to find your way around.  or

Don't be side tracked by the title, the models don't all relate specifically to Grand Prix or Formula 1. I'm guessing they originally did but things then grew. The models do however mainly relate to forms of Motorsport including different transatlantic styles, Grand Prix and F1 are just one part of it all. Road cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc, are here as well but often in their Motorsport-related capacity.

When searching I usually use the Advanced Search function and enter something under "Car Type" and nominate something else under "Event" and just leave the rest of the boxes empty. It keeps it simple but one thing I noted was that you need to make sure you select All for the "Product Type" or you will potentially miss some items.

The site covers a large range of models, dioramas, accessories, figures, DVDs, books and so on. Originally the site only covered kit sets and diecasts were frowned upon as toys. Many of the kits were made available as hand-builts for people who are not builders. However with the advance of better and better diecast models coming on to the market, some now clearly matching kit sets in their precision, there has been a change of tack and many mainstream diecasts are in the catalogue.

As if all this wasn't enough, there is also a magazine produced 10 times per year with the last 10 years back copies available for free on the site. Like the rest of the site, the magazine is a big enterprise; I shudder to think how much work goes into these issues as dozens of models are featured in each magazine and the on-line photos are often bigger than those used for the main catalogue.

John MacGregor
December, 2006

[The site is still available in 2011 — check out the magazine "Four Small Wheels" at — the links are at the very bottom of the page which is reached from the home page via the 4sw tab on the top menu... John advises it appears the mags are available on-line after a 6 month delay.    Webmaster]

[The site is still available in July 2012... and October 2013, and April 2014. Webmaster]


John MacGregor