Models with Reality

I realise most members don't have immediate computer access, but for those who do, try looking at a new (for me anyway) approach to presenting model race cars — rather than the normal pristine showroom condition your new motor-sports models are offered to you in, there is now a collection of 1/43rd scale cars available off the shelf produced in the condition they were in when they actually FINISHED their respective races.

Or, in at least one case, how they ENDED their race, rather than finished it — a 1967 Mario Andretti Ford GT40 clearly hasn't made the finish line, all sorts of damage to the front of the vehicle from some kind of serious looking shunt, while the rear compartment if modeled as being completely as being burnt out. An innovative approach this, I feel I have seen one individual model somewhere before with a similar presentation but can't recall where, but never a large collection of them in diecast (obviously they can be made this way from kit sets). In the case of the GT40, the damage is so bad it actually makes for disconcerting viewing, it's been in a bad smash. At the end of the day, motor racing is dangerous and I'm uneasy about being reminded so vividly in this fashion, the model is that authentic. All this is lessened with the hindsight benefit that Andretti himself obviously must have walked away from it all, I mean, he's still going. Not sure he'll want that particular model though.

The collection is light on Formula 1 cars and heavy on the Le Mans / Sportscars theme. If you're interested, keep an eye on the Series and watch it grow at

John MacGregor
January, 2007


John MacGregor