Scania R124/400 - Modified "Speights"

When one dismantles a ready-built, die cast model and then uses the parts for another, does it become a kitset? [No, it becomes a modified die cast model.... Ian Cousins]

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Original New Ray Scania R124/400

Question: a 60th birthday - what does one give?

The upcoming sexagenarian is a collector of beer related items and this points to an idea, but the collector has just about everything!

Answer: The Warehouse has one of its many sales and a 1/32nd scale Scania R124/400 tractor unit, manufactured by New Ray (#53833), in almost Speight's colours presents itself at the satisfactory price of $9.99. We are on our way!

Modified Scania R124/400 "Speights"

The Process: The tractor unit was removed from the packaging and disassembled. The wind spoiler is consigned to the spares bin, 12mm is cut from the high top cab. The side skirts from the chassis are removed, being a bit too European, and the fifth wheel is also consigned to the spares bin as it is not needed in this conversion.

Next comes modification of the interior, with the removal of the bunk from the back of the cab and a repaint of the interior in a lighter colour. Speight's logos from a 6-pack tray are glued to the doors.

The tank is made from a 330ml aluminium beer can (Speight's of course) and the problem of the Speight's signage is resolved by using labels from another can, glued on at right angles to the labels on the can used for the tank. The tank sits in a cradle, carved from an aluminium casting taken from an old power meter.

Once completed, the model was returned to its original packaging. GREAT!!

Evan Blanch, Alexandra


Evan Blanch